Radovan Pauláth, dad, coach and manager

I’m so glad that my coach is my dad. I know he does his best and gives me almost all his time. Of course we have some disagreements sometimes. However, these are always resolved quickly and we forget about them. I think my dad is a teenager his whole life (and he will always be) so we have a lot of fun together and he can very well understand my teens.

Dad and coach

Ivan Vrzal, assistant coach

Ivan helps us whenever we need. I can rely on him and always look forward to further meeting and cooperation.

Assistant coach

Tomáš Nohejl, PR

I like cooperation with Thomas. He quickly gets all secrets from me and I´m always really interested what comes out of it in medias:)

Tomáš Nohejl

Kryštof Kuba, Physiotherapy

I was lucky to meet such a great, funny and diligent physio. He always make me lough and helps me with all my problems.


Jan Kempa, Fitness coach

He is a great coach, though his trainings are really tough. It´s always fun and we discuss many other things during the training.

kondiční trenér

MUDr. Libor Macek, Fitness doctor

We meet only couple times during the year, but he always gives me couple tricks how to feel and train better.

kondiční vyšetření