About me

Kateřina I was born on July 23, 1993, in Havirov. I ski from my age of 2 years and now I grew up to the girl who want to meet her dreams and goals. I like fun and smiles, I love my family, friends and sports. Besides skiing I like also tennis, the most I admire Roger Federer and Bode Miller. It is always pleasure to spend time with nice people for me, the most fun I always have with my sister. I also admire all the great people helping me and just being around me, not forgetting the value of health and luck in my live.

Jana Pauláthová, sister

Good, crazy and sometimes spoilt younger sister. Simply the greatest person I know... :) She drives me crazy as well as to smashing bouts of laughter. We spend together as much time as possible and think up plenty of rascalities. All our friends cheer my sister but me and our family are the biggest fans. I am very happy when she is successful. However, I am even more pleased when she surprises me with something from abroad. :)


Jana Pauláthová, mom

Kate is my sun since she was born – smiling, sensitive and emotional. She can also annoy a bit, of course. She dosn‘t worry about order and clearing and is not afraid to say her opinion. She is born uder the sign of the lion and this is really appropriate. If something is wrong she can fight as a lioness.


Radovan Pauláth, dad and coach

My little Katie, my darling growing up so fast. We compete during training, fight together but soon afterwards we become good friends again. We like joking and chaffing each other. Kate is ambitious, stubborn and very distrustful. Sometimes it's difficult to change her opinion. Nevertheless we like each other and cannot be one without the other.

Taťka a trenér

Drahomíra Pauláthová, granny

Kate is the youngest from my five grandchildren so she is my darling. If she doesn‘t like anything she can put it out. Sometimes she comes to caress and express complaints about the coach – her dad – my son. I appreciate her responsibility and self-discipline at school and in sports. Her favorite meal is baked duck with cabbage and I always enjoy preparing this for her. She makes me happy.


Petr Vališ, manager

I start cooperating with Kate and her whole family primarily because I highly appreciate the personalities of each of them. Kate has a huge potential, mainly due to her mental and physical maturity but also thanks to great family background. Her “inner world” full of common sense, determination, patience and social sensitivity surprises me.


Jiří Tabák, fitness trainer, Olympian and gymnast

I train Kate in gymnastics for three years. For the first sight she seemed to me to be unapproachable. But during the year I realized she is really responsible and tries to do her best in training. We still get to know each other so I can improve myself in analyzing her physical and mental fitness. She is really clever, purposeful, knows what she wants and goes to her goal. I believe that after she gains more technical experience she will become the world-class skier.

Jiří Tabák

Vilém Noga, the biggest fan

I root for Kate very much. All her success I experience personally. I appreciate her effort... I am already 71 years but I believe that I will live to her other great achievements!

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